Till infinity..be mine

All I need is your words

all I need is your hands to hold me

promise me that you will never walk away from me

every single absence of you creates a void in me

embrace me as I am 

I may not be beautiful

But I am yours

I give my life to you

In the middle of the night 

as the moon shines the night sky

I wish to hold your hands and bury myself in your arms

with the soft breeze tickling me around

the starry sky witnessing us fall in love

All I need is you beside me with my fingers crisscrossed in yours

promising each other not to fall apart till life ends.



The moments of love

crunching the wall  behind me

you held me across the room

in the shadow of the pillar

you embraced me exciting the whole of me

unable to pretend that am not flattered

unable to utter a word

I left myself to relax in your arms

the warmth of your chest was enticing every inch of me

the fresh breath that was reading my heartbeats

the arms that held me closer

the feelings were mutual

even if it was for split seconds

I felt the world pause around me

letting me cherish the moment 

the moment that accumulates in me the moment I am away from you.

Being passionate about life

I wished for many things

yet at times the wishes seemed to abandon me

half the way I walked in life

loosing everything I wished the most

paving way for the unwelcomed wishes

that I took it to lay the foundation of my life

that let others smile on

even with a weeping heart

the passion to live lighted in me 

embracing life as it offered me.



Do not break me…

Break me into pieces

dissolve me in the water

from everywhere from the ashes

I might arise

Stamp me, hurt me ever

but know that none can take me away

I will be what I always what I want to be in the world

I am born for a mission, 

a mission, that will take me further

I walk with my head high and feet trembled

never hold me back, though am not emotionally strong

yet my inner strengths will let me walk away one day

away from all the negativities that shackle me all the time

do not stimulate my weaknesses, 

as one day, they might be the reason I will walk away from all.