Let me take refuge in you

The love in you 

fills me like 

the plants sucking the water in

your love swims across into my veins

overpowering everything on its way

for a second I feel weak

when you hold me, as I roll us in our embrace

I let you succumb the whole of you in me

the feeling is magnanimous

the feeling is silent and creeping into me

the joy of being one with you

is something I always I lived in

where every single cell in my body 

renames it as yours …filling into my bones

I wished it never stopped

I take refuge in your arms

as you hold me tight letting the feeling surpass 

burning in me and empowering me

the love blooms in me. 



I am in YOU

Like the tickling of the raindrops

the touch of you in my soul

the way you revive back into life

You arouse my happiness 

bringing into a new life

All I need is to see you smile

All I need is to see you pursue what you like

Let me the joy in you

Let me be the passion in your life

Even if am far away 

I am in you 

I am in whatever you do with love

I am the love in you

that drives you to do the impossible

hold me in your heart like a light to the firefly

let me burn to bring the light in your path,

The angel in my LIfe

A cuddling feel

The soft touch of your hands holding mine

evoking thousands of memories

The best hug I could get 

The best touch that can bring me alive

beside you, I want  to live forever

your smile is the best medicine

your words are my lessons

I cannot bear the pain of anyone hurting you

you are my world always 

you are my inner strength 

you behold my life 

I may not remember the first feel of being in your arms

but I remember the time I first saw the angel of my life

the one whom I wanna live forever with

there is no better place than your arms in the world

The peaceful sleep you bestow in there 

Nothing can replace the joy I receive from you

~~~~ Dedicated my loving mom.