I am like the weather

at times calm,

at times pleasant

at times the worst 

at times the dull one

you can either contain a drop of me

you can never encapsulate me 

the moment am dropped like the rain I spread across

I can bring hailstones upon you

or the sweet little droplets of the coolest rain

never trust my patience, never take me granted

I have ambitions, do not let me bury it

I sleep with a smile or with a broken heart

yet I wake up to be the strong fighter’

Never try to tame me, as I can break the cage open

walk away one day, when I stop to try

Never judge my smile, it is a charm that I deck up to hide my sufferings

I catch whatever life throws at me, with the zeal of enthusiasm 

I am what I am born to be – A strong Woman.



Dwindle away

Do not follow me

I may be wrong

Do not find me

I may not be the right one

Do not remember me

I may not be the one you need

Do not walk into me

Do not get accustomed to me 

I am not the home for you

I may not be your right choice

It scares me, that I might be the burden in your life

I might be the shadow in your life, that you might have to get rid of

I am not the shelter you require to escape

the moments I cherish with you cannot be relived

do not entangle your peacefulness with my chaos

Let me fade away from your memories 

Let me die out like the fire in you

You are still the one who procreated happiness in me

I do not want to be the reason for the tears in your eyes

Yet I will behold you forever in my soul 

to let you succeed in your life

Let me be the spark in you forever, to live peacefully.



The nights of emotions overflowing

the nights which witness my tears rolling

I wondered why all the emotions come cumulatively

Yet, I never stopped crying

The phase of my life which I want to throw away

the past that creeps into me when am happy

the past that has no connection with me now

I knew that was not the right place to stay

yet when am sad, my brain takes me for a jumbo ride

The ride, that gives me the glimpse of all the unhappy memories

the memories that constructed the new me

yet I remained the same deep inside

The new me could not overpower the older me

The whole me sneak out whenever it is time

to enjoy the freedom of living

It was hard to be imprisoned in a soul

veiling the genuine me, under the shades of delusive one

AM I confused?

I never knew as I lived the dual life, but loving with a heart of my true self.