Silent Sufferer

The instant I hear you loud

I wondered why my eyes filled up

your words almost broke me up

The agony was beyond words to express

Was I tolerating the anger?

Was I being numb?

I thought over it thousand times

yet my heart never let the thought invade it

the flash of our fondness overwhelmed my heart

I realized that it was not my tolerance

but the words that I was scared to say

the words that might make you walk away from me

the pain of the thought shudders my heart

just letting me envisage on how much I adore you.



Like a leaf on the tree

I crumbled like a  leaf

fallen under the tree

saving itself from the sunlight

under the shade of the mighty tree

perished in the soil with numerous rains 

burying and decaying close to the root 

becoming the nutrients supporting its growth

I wish to be the leaf one day

living in you and then fallen under you

becoming the blood in your veins 

and filling you with me all over 

living again through you

witnessing our world once again.




You are my Strength

I wish the time froze

The moment I am with you

I may sound greedy, yet those are my unspoken desires

a desire, I wish to live in

every way I look at you

all you can see is the passion lit up in me

I am glad that you crossed my mind 

yet never crossed the boundary  of it 

you stayed in my heart, letting it live and acknowledge your presence in it

let us fill the world with the aroma and the fragrance of our love

you became the strength in me as I became the weakness in you

You are the addiction that I do not want to get rid off.




Choosing​ you was unbridled yet the best

It was impetuous, thoughts embarked on you

everything seemed like the images passing in front of my eyes

All I could feel is the heart beats increasing

the moments we created flashed by every time I missed being with you

exciting the very depth of my heart and every inch of me

the warmth you showered on me 

was like the feel of first rain 

every single drop filling in me

The emotions seemed to be stirred and exquisite 

the tenderly look you give me as I lay in your arms

the way our inclination grew 

it was all in a jiffy, that I gave away myself to you

the matter of split seconds, my heart betrayed me 

and let itself place in the small empty portion you left for me

keep me safe in it, as losing you is like being mortified.