Sometimes I wanna Flyaway​

broken heart

hurt wings

the sky seemed to be higher than ever

Unable to fly, unable to feel the air

I lay there broken in every way

at times survival becomes crucial

eyes soaked in tears of unknown fear

a fear that engulfs the mind when failure strikes

an unimaginable state of agony 

a plight that deluge all our painful memories 

weaken the heart like never before

surviving the anguish to win over the dilemma

was the toughest I could do

I let my soul wander away in silence

letting my thoughts struggle for a while

The silence was killing me, yet I found the way out

the light at the end of a painful night

All I did was wait for the right juncture

to set me free….

alas!! I mended my broken wings and set myself to the flight

The flight of lifetime

breaking the barriers of my cage I enclosed myself in 

to the sky that embraced me.

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