Quest to find consolation

All I could hear was the sigh of my heart

thousands of question splashing on my silenceĀ 

the solitude I choose to be in

to find the answers to my questions

in the absence of the wind, silence of the world

All I heard was my unconscious self-comforting me

my choices, my mistakes, my world …

all came alive for secondsĀ 

I left on the quest to find my answers

to find the real solace in my life

It was time for me to stop services for others

and chose a world for my own survival

where I do not sacrifice my dreams

where I find what I always wanted in my life

I set to find my only consolation.


my solitude life

My words seemed to be scattered away

as if it never want to be heard

my lips just muttered silence

with the words just ignored by the world

my screams and complaints became a hollow

My silence was taken for granted

my silence became the voice of agreement

my disagreements have taken to be an affirmation

my silence was a disputed state of my mind

yet I smiled, smiled to survive

I knew none was there to take my pain away

I suffered in silenceĀ 

the iron curtain became a companion of my loneliness

the solitude that brings me the fondest memories

the memories which none could snatch away

solitude became my companion forever.