My world

My world is imaginary

I am the star, the moon and the sun in my world

As I dim my world, the world around me turns grey

My world shines, when my world becomes you

with you everything is special 

until you arrived in me 

The world was just a living space

where my world never brightened

you enlightened my soul

as if I was lead by the unseen hands of yours

into the life that was not an illusion

but a reality, that pricks me 

yet bring in a smile on my lips.


Am I a stranger to the world around me?

Am I the one wanderer in search of the souls?

questioned my heart numerous times

let me be uncaged forever 

let me cherish the joy of freedom

the joy of winds in my hair

playing in the waves with my feet underwater

the joy of soaking in the rain 

basked in the sun like the silvery sands on the beach

dancing with the wind like the waves of the sea

kissing the sand and playing hide and seek with the sun

chirping like a bird flying from one branch to the next

hold me like a butterfly , but let me fly when I wish to

Let me be the beauty of the garden rather than the beauty of the cage.




Like sand to the feet

You are the one I hold close to my heart

I hold you as mine, so none can snatch you from me

The moment you arrived in me, I fell for you

The moment I felt you, I wanted you to be happy forever

I cannot paint your life

Let me be the color that adds a rainbow to your life

I cannot be the voice that you like to listen

Let me be the words you want to whisper always

I cannot be the arms that hold you until life parts us

Let me be the sand that you dissolve into 

I cannot be the hand that holds you 

Let me be the invisible wind that hovers around you

Like the sand to the feet , I will be around you forever.




Knock of the wind

Knock Knock

the call of the northern wind on my window pane

knocked down from my sleep

I woke up to watch the starry night

The wind carrying me the messages from the distance

a message from a far off place

trying to convey me the message 

I was baffled by the beauty of the night

as I stood there watching the miraculous beauty of it

The wind pushed my eyelids wide open

awakening me from the sleep

It felt like from the far off distance someone was calling out for me

was it the call from the past memory 

Or is it the call from 

A place unknown to me, A caller unknown to me.