I wish

I wish for the day 

That I could loosen the burdens in my heart

show the real me to the world

live the life I ever wished to have

be the free bird out of the cage

let my thoughts flow like an unblocked stream

stroking everything on my way 

sharing a piece of me with the ones needed

continuously flowing down to my grave

where I could sleep in nature

where I could finally be absorbed into the sand becoming one

dissolve the secrets in me into the world 

hidden from everyone

finally growing up into the new world as a new life.



Invisibly​ present in you forever

The pain was unthinkable

the pain was unbearable

even when you hold my hands

the pain was unexplainable

the mere thought of you going away

was burdening my heart

my heart bled silently

I gave you the space in my world

which is irreplaceable and irrevocable

I want to be dissolved in you like the waves in the sea

like the stars in the sky

invisibly present in you forever.




You are the risk , I would happily take

Even before a thought could confuse me

you confidently entered me

As I knew I was looking for you ever since I knew you existed

No second thoughts hindered our relation

it was just you and me

you were the risk 

I would take in my life

as you are the one 

who can lead me to the light

the one who can love me to the core

without you my world is unthinkable

the thought of you walking away is bitter than death

As you came in breaking the walls 

and smashing away the locks I put up in my heart

you took the space in me becoming me completely.


Welcome the Dawn

In the quiescence of the night

the night sky brightened by the moon and the stars

I want to lay in the lap of nature

n the hush of the night

let me listen to the chirping of the crickets

watch the sky turn orange in the horizon

as dawn arrives and the life awakens from their sleep

experiencing the enchanting fragrance of the fresh new day

I want to open my eyes to the new dawn 

ward off the fears that the dark night can bring in my heart

convincing my heart that there is always the sunshine in the end of darkness

the sunshine that will repel all the negativity

let me sleep in the warmth of your lap

and cherish the tenderness of mother earth.


Be the Silence in my world

I love the silence

the silence when you are close to me

that lets me feel the pulse in you

the silence that witnesses us 

the silence that lets our hearts speak

the silent moments when you love me the most

the silence that comes, after the union

yet I hate the silence

keeping us separated

taking me away from you

the reasons that stir anger

I hate the silence that you cause with your absence

let my world be filled with your chaos.