Wrapped in you till my last breath

Being away

seemed hardest

when I realised you are the one I needed

Walking away seems to be the gruelling

As you are the one closest

Hurting you meant like killing myself

As you live in me

Your happiness brightened up my world

As you are the one I smile with

A life beyond and without you is unthinkable

As for me, you are the reason my heart beats

Let me be treasured in that tiny world of yours

forever as I could imagine

witnessing your life as your eyes

listening to your world with your ears

feeling your world with your hands

Let me be wrapped up in you

till my last breath.




You became my thoughts

You became the life to me

the moment you walked into my life

the whole world seemed magnificent to me

you changed me and nurtured me

like a pearl is hidden in the shell 

you held me in your heart

protecting me from the evil

your love was like the first rain 

that drenched me to the core

awakening my new life 

without you my world becomes numb

living has become impossible without you

as you are my breath and my soul

the one who can unlock my soul.





As I walk by

in the angelic nature

the world seems to be inviting

everything around me seems to be a reflection of my thoughts with you

the folded leaves  reminds me of your embrace

the bees on the flower reminds me of your lips

the butterflies reminds me our love

the sky reminds me your presence

the streams caress my feet is like your hands stroking me

the green grass reminds me how much you treasure me in the world

the whispering of the wind is like you whispering in my ears

every time the wind plays with my hair, it is like you calling out to me

everything around me reminds you, letting me not to miss you 

every second of my breath is with you

I live as I feel you always around me.