The roads

The roads that  I once traversed 
With the enthusiasm to meet you

The roads that took me away from you

Now became the graveyard of memories

Memories that I once cherished the most

As I stood there in the middle of nowhere

 New roads paved me a new life 

I planted new life with new hopes

New life sprouted giving me the hope to survive

I nurtured them , cherishing every moment

Life leads me to new zones

New dreams and new horizons.

Be my Sunshine

Like the sun awakens the world
You wake me  up from my slumber

You share your warmth and lit me up

You brighten my life with colors

You shine my world even in darknesss

You are my sunshine when the sky is grey

You brought me into life

As you drifted away from me

My life became empty

You took away my words

My world became silent

With you around me, my words has life

You be my moon when am your earth 

Be my sunshine and give me life.