Wish I could be reborn only for you

As I closed my eyes
All I could see was you

Even the thought of not being with you

Could hurt me like an explosion

I wish I could convey you how much it hurts

My words seemed to be senseless

But your words are hurting me more than I ever thought

My heart yearned for your hug

But only tears flooded

If only my deeds never hurt you

This pain would never have occurred

Wish I could be reborn only for you.

My Silence is not an answer

“Trust me” the eyes spoke
But the lips were shut

There was no love in the eyes

Hearts broken…but love prevailed

Yet doubts dominated the passion

I let myself to be hurt 

Both hearts were aching

Yet surrendering seemed impossible

Hearts troubled 

Even the heart knew an embrace could solve

Yet the distance damaged

Words became empty

Feelings became void

Only the painful love remained.

Hurt unhidden 

Little did I know love hurts

Hurts in a way that is unhidden

Hurts in a way that eyes never dry up

Heart pains like never before

Unable to bear the pain

Wished for a second to end life

The pain of going away

Music tears the heart into pieces

The wait seems to be longer

Just the wait remains , just to listen to your call.