Love insanely until death embrace me

Every melody is a memory

a memory that is filled with my past

some brings me sorrow 

some bring in the glimpse of happiness

in every memory, I look for you

did I ever miss you in any

every line seems perfectly written for us

every compassion in the words is just us

All I did was just craved for you 

I yearn for you in an innocent way

I seek the mornings wherein I wake up beside you

I want the nights that intoxicates myself to be surrendered to you 

I aim for a life when you will love even when health betrays you

I desire to be in love insanely with you until death embraces me.


You tempt me to stay forever

Passion becomes my life savior

You discovered the parts in me that never existed

You showed me the love that was a fairy tale for me

you uncover the truths in me

tempting me to stay with you forever

everything in you was inviting me

you excited every inch of me with the touch of your lips

you make me feel like drowning in your arms

I want to sink into your body and be discovered under the warmth of your heart

with one touch you melt away my heart 

you brightened my passion and hid my fears

took me in your arms and kissed and freed my soul

you and I were like intoxicated

engrossed in each other that we forget the world around us

as you were inside me… 

all you wanted to stay in with me forever.



Sprinkle of you

Like a tickle to the soul

let me kiss you and wake you up

as you wake up from your love sleep beside me

I want to watch the messy hair and the sleepy eyes

as you refuse to wake up, I want to hold my arms

and let you wrap yourself in my warmth

kiss your eyes, until you wake up and smile at me 

your smile that excited me like a lightening does 

your naughty eyes that invite me all along

I can always look at you for hours 

to watch you enjoy the sleep in my arms

the way you tuck yourself into my own body 

conquering every inch of me with your tenderness

invading my thoughts even when am away from you

the sprinkle of you is enough to excite me 

let me enjoy the cup of tea with a sugar of you in it. 



Fly high- feel the wind

Standing on the balcony

walking towards the edge

calming my mind every second

scare engulfing my mind

with my opened eyes,

with the busy world below my feet

I felt I might stumble and fall

the world beneath me and the sky above me

I was unsure which took me as there’s

I closed my eyes, lifted my arms up in the air

as if I was the bird taking a flight

the wind was caressing all over me

I could feel the air everywhere

it was like the whole me was flying with the wind

the scare vanishing from me

giving space for new hopes and dreams.