Eternity- from the time life began

The cascading feelings that flow down my heart

poking every corner of my heart into the depth

as you smile and invoke the real me

even if we fight like kids 

all you need is a hug from me 

all you need is my attention

the world might not know 

but a flick of change in you 

my eyes can pick 

which makes me a mom

I cannot stand the thought of you being sad

all I want is those lips ever smiling

I will hold you along as we walk in the storm

never leave my hand and walk astray

even if you walk away one day

remember that  my arms are still open for you

however old you grow, or you fight with me

nothing can change my love for you

as we loved each other even before we felt each other. 

the love that melt away the selfish me

I never imagined

I could be strong in this

this love made my heart melt away

the love that began even before you were conceived

the love that went on when you created the world inside me

I felt myself going weaker but stronger at the same time

It was a feeling, an intention not to hurt you that was budding up

all just with out seeing you or holding you in my arms

all I wanted was you to be safe in my arms

the words couldn’t explain how much I adored you

All I wanted was to kiss all over your cheeks and feel the tenderness

my happiness rolled down my cheeks as I hug you

the relief is unexplainable as I hold you mine

the moment you arrived in my life, you changed my world

the selfish me became selfless 

you taught me patience and love exist

I believe in Angels, and that is you, my daughter. 




You bringout the me- I left undiscovered

You came in my life like the shining crystal in the ray of light

that glow my inner darkness

you are the sunshine, that could make me smile

even when my eyes are wet

without your presence 

my heart is empty

with your tiny tender hands 

you take me along the path, I dreaded to walk

you showed me the strength and patience, which was left undiscovered

with you every single moment becomes precious

without you in front of me, my heart pauses 

I do not know what love is but without your love 

my life is empty ….the void you bring in is unfillable.