Flawed beauty

Not immaculate

unbelievably flawed 

everything about me is amiss

yet you fell for me

the way you look at me

make me feel being desirable

your words just are just what I longed for

you look at me as if am tangible

but as you take me in your arms, am the fragile like a petal

I burn in the spark of the fingers

I realized how potent is the emotion of love

and being brave is the only reason we could let ourselves burn in it

the deep desires that we set to fire are not obliterated.



The Dark Paradise

The dark paradise I welcome you into

the paradise where I am just myself

shower you with all my love hidden beneath me

as you unfold my dreams into the reality

as you hold my hands and dance along swiftly

as the air around us, whisper to our bodies

the fire that is enlightened by the thrust of our skin all along

the volcanic eruption of emotions that bring a smile 

the trembling of the lips dying to be cupped in your lips

Love the paradise we designed for us to be together 

living in it as long as you hold me as yours will be my dream enliven.


I see you, as I close my eyes

I closed my eyes to witness you

I closed my eyes to feel the embrace

I closed my eyes, to listen to your whisper

In the darkness engulfing my eyes, I saw you

you were all in white like an angel from heaven

walking towards me with the extended arms

all I wanted was to run to you

embrace and feel the warmth

I did not want to open my eyes

as my reality was different from my dreams

I was scared if my dreams would shatter away 

I shut my eyes tightly to hold you in my eye lids

If I ever open my eyes, you might roll down my cheeks 

as a tear, that I do not want to let go.