Follow me to the depth…

You are my world

you possess the better me

and I become the one you need

I held your heart in my safe hands

let it never stumble upon

I take you into my arms

shelter you under my warmth

flick all your worries with a kiss on your temples

let me conquer your thoughts 

be the light in your darkness

follow me into the depth

as I cling to you witnessed by the darkness

I will show you the meeting point of heaven and earth.






Words can never explain the magic you  do

the way your eyes assess me

the way your fingers dance on me

the way your kiss tumbles my thoughts

the way you hold me close 

when your breath falls on my neck

you become the magic I ever craved for

the everlasting aroma and the ambiance 

of your presence makes things around me feel prettier

I just feel like deliquesce in your warmth

and be alive again. 


Hide and Seek

When all I want is to disappear

you hold me tight and I become like a drop on the leaf

clinging on to you 

As I close my eyes

you become my world

when you embrace me

you turn my world into life

let me play hide and seek with my dreams

where I always find you as I seek

we hid our hearts so that each seeks and finds the true place

As I hide away from your sight

come and hug me from behind 

and take me along wherever you go.