Tickle my Soul

I love the madness

the madness I see in your eyes

every time I look at you

the way you unbuckle my soul

with your words

untouching my soul 

yet breezing your warmth on me

whispering in my ears 

as you tickle my soul

when my body cannot resist to be yours

for a moment I cannot turn and walk away

as you discovered what I had locked away

and We came alive.

You are Engulfing my thoughts

You crawl into my mind 

like the spiders with the web

encapsulating the whole of me in your web

penetrating into every inch of me

thrusting my hands on the wall

I watch you conquer every inch of me

And all I do is smile

as I knew I was enjoying it

surrendering to your arms and the scent of you

I was lost in the world of romance

as you savored my aroma and taste.

Trashing memories

I dig deep into myself

as if decluttering my soul

every thought process hit on someone

then I analyse, whether they are for me or not

my brain boils in the thoughts

hindering my heart to interfere

until it decided who is the best

slowly trashing them , and emptying my heart 

I walked again deep inside 

looking for the ones who caused me intense memories

every person in me , brought in a fine memory

at times the ones I don’t want to trash away

yet some were painful , some where truthful

I let my heart shut the door permenantly

as those were not enough for me to be happy

hence I let them wash away , emptying my memories 

for the memories to come. 


I wish I had not caused you the pain…

It is all my fault

I wish I could correct it

I wish I had the power to vanish away your pain

I wish I could wash away the guilt of causing you pain

I wish I had an eraser to erase the past

And give you all mine 

there is no looking back 

as I know I already caused the pain

the pain that cannot be erased away

the guilt is killing me inside

yet you smiled and kissed away my sorrows

I wondered how strong you were

words never made me feel better than your hugs

wishes every second I could take the pain and give you happiness

I prayed every second to break away that pain from you

but my prayers seemed unheard

the more you suffered , my heart yearned to death

as I cannot see you in pain

wish I had never caused you the agony for loving me.

Rest your head on me…

Rest your head on me

Let me caress you

until you fall asleep

let me kiss away your tiredness

until you relax on me

let me be the place where you can sleep

I want to brush your hair with my fingers

until your eyes drift into sleep

let my fingers play a rhythm in your heart

where you forget all your weariness and sleep in my arms

I will kiss on your eyes, nose and everywhere possible

so that you sleep tight in my arms

as my eyes rest on you all along

watching you soundly sleep off in my warmth.