Save me…as if am drowning

I do not know 

what tomorrow has for me

I wanna live today

cherish the light and  darkness

drench in the rain like pearls dripping on me

feel the earth 

feel the waves of the ocean

the depth of the water

the height of the sky

the depth of the darkness

the shallowness of the day

the secrets of the stars

the love you have in store for me

the touch of your soul on me

the nudge of your bones 

I want to feel everything as if

this was my last day of life

love me like never before

save me 

as if I am drowning.


I do not know what Freedom is

I don’t know what freedom is

I don’t know what it is like to be free thinker

I am lost in my own world

struggling to pull my words into strings

the strings that will sing to you 

what I think

it is hard to be silent

it is hard to be a free thinker

to let the words out, that might put you in shallow

let me cherish what it is like to enjoy the bliss of freedom

to be what I ever want to be 

let me scream to my will 

let the world see the real me and feel the real me

let me walk to the rhythm of the music unheard by others

walking myself into the true world unguarded by my evils.

Empty Hands

Your hand in my hand

was like a treasure in my heart

your eyes upon me 

made me feel safer than ever

I felt the emptiness

the emptiness that was filling in me

the thought was devastating me 

like the clouds covering the sunshine

making my world overshadowed by the fear

the fear that engulfed my heart

but the moment your fingers touched mine

my hand seemed to be filled just like my heart filled with you

as if your hands were the right fit in mine

I held on to it , like the last hope in my life.