Touch of my world

As I walked away into the land so profound

so beautiful and charming

the beauty that beckons and invites me every day

I want to wake up with the chirping of the birds around me

the butterflies that fly in the rhythm of the music of the earth

the fragrance of the flowers that bloom around me

as I walk into the mother earth

who pampers my feet with the touch of the dewdrop-kissed grass

tingling my nerves with the soft touch of the greenery

The world blooms around me as my heart opens up

I just wish to take a dip into the beauty

and soak me into the charms of the mother earth.


Love sleep

A long sluggish day ends

all I want to is to fall asleep

asleep in your armsĀ 

with my head resting on your chest

as I slowly drift into sleep

watching the sky the lights fade away

as my eyelids fall away

slowly and steadily

in the rhythm of your heart beat

I drift away in to the sleep

as you hold me tightly close to yourself.