Unravel my riddles

unravel me

the riddles that am born with

hold me together as I solve them

rediscovering the true me from the lie i live

support me as I walk on stones and thorns

heal me as I bleed

calm me as I scream

cherish my madness which is the real me

let me not be normal

as wildness bring out the real me

make me vulnerable as am hungry for you

be smitten with my taste and arms

let the aroma of my love embrace you 

like the snow covers the land in winter

then letting me melt on you becoming one with you

leaving the wetness in you forever until next time

to remind you , am always near you even when far away


The world you open up for me

the way you hold me

it is like you are going deep into me

the way you understand me

without words, is amazing

the way you hold my tenderness in your arms

beholding me like a treasure you found

cherishing my flaws with all your love

the way you let me cry on your arms

with all my stumbling thoughts

upholding my dreams you let me smile

letting go of my fears with a kiss

rekindling the joy in me with a sweet breath on my neck

enlightening my every second in your arms

the heaven you open up for me

nothing could match the joy in my life

I wish that every second of your breath falls on me

till my life is on earth.


Dreams make me…not a life without it

I am a dreamer

the dreams that come live in my eyes

thousands of unsaid dreams

which I chase every night

the burning desire in me  to be what I want

all the wildest dreams with good instincts

the dreams that do not let me collapse

but let me fly …fly high

edged with the thought of freedom

my dreams bring me the wings of desire

the wings that I affix when I am free

let me dance with the tune of the music that is played in my life

do not chain me or cut my wings to make me normal

living just a life won’t do good to me

dreams make me ….not a life without it.



chills at night

shivering hands 

fluttering eye lids

screams that are to let go

hands clutched to the sheets

pillows squeezed….

OO my dream catcher

wade off my bad dreams

let me sleep peacefully

without jitters in the night

let me live my dreams 

the magnanimous world I built around in my dreams

awaiting me to embrace it 

the world I live …

hey dream catcher .. be my guard 

let me walk into my dreams that are just mine.