A firecracker


I want to be the firecracker

the flare to your passion

I want to hold your hands 

and take you ahead in your dreams

am fierce, but silent like the wind

I add the flare to your fire of passion

the fire to pursue what you like

we burn together 

to bring out the best in ours

like polished diamonds come out bright

let me be the polish to your dreams

bringing out the shining you to the world

like the night sky to the stars

I would black out the world to let you shine.

I painted my world in black and white

I designed my world

the world with a difference

the colors in my world dissolved in the rain

as I fell in love with the black and white shade

I painted the ones with a dark heart as white

I painted the ones with a beautiful heart as black

as white absorbs the goodness

black enchants the goodness

I painted my world in black and white

as the eyes, the mirror of our heart

is painted in black and white 

the color  brings out the best 

helps me distinguish the best.




Realm of my dreams

Reasons vanish away

outer beauty fades

even the dew never remains on the leaves

walk into my realm of dreams

like the touch of breeze

caress the lost me 

bring me into the reality

where dreams are not just dreams

but the beauty that beckons me to stay

irresistibly letting me be lost in it forever

as I close my eyes, I see that am living my dreams.

Lost in thoughts

Words become shorter

thoughts become longer

you pin me into a thought catalog

that am unable to express my emotions

slipping into a deep thought 

that is awakening my self 

like the flowers blooming in the dawn

my nerves reopen the closed doors to my thoughts

leaving me to swim through a gulf of emotions

dazzled by the punch of imaginations that go wild in me

in the end, I utter a word or two or just a smile

as all my words are gulped into my thoughts.