I achieve as I Burn

Fight like a braveheart

walk along cutting across the paths

uncover the truths and freedom

fall like thunder into the obstacles

never loose hope

never tame yourself to live a lie

listen to the whispers of your heart

the words of wisdom

fight the world like the fire with the wind

let the fire inside you flare up

burn in your desires

carve yourself into the diamonds 

with the touch of elegance 

be the one you want to be.


Drowning my fears

you amaze me always

the way you look deep into me

the way you admire me

the way you handle my ignorance

the way you smile and kiss away my pain

at times making me feel

I do nothing, nothing to impress you

I have my love filled in spirit that my eyes reflect

As I drown myself in my fears

you extend a hand for help

you said I rescued you

but it was you all along

shining my path like the Firefly

encroaching into my heart

and enlightening it 




My rescuer,​ let me walk with you

you rescued me

resurrected me from death

a depth I was falling into

holding my hand you pulled me up

showing me a new world

where as I take my first steps

the land seems to be fresh and new

you found me in the sleepless nights

where I accompanied you in the dark

I walked along with you in the odd hours

where nights became day and day became our life

let us together build our dreams

the dreams that we touch to make reality

the dreams that we strung together as we lay touched.

You and Me Forever

engraved in stones

is like the words I whisper to you

listen to it

even when am gone

know the true me

as I become your world

you become the echo in me

you became the one where I belong

you were like gravity pulling me all alone

as I was lost in space

lock me up with you like forever

let forever be a lifetime

which is never enough.


you are invisibly around me

I don’t know what is happening to me

but the new me 

the new bloomed me

am getting addicted to you

your smile is like sunshine in my life

your voice keeps rumbling in my ears

all along as I am asleep or awake

even when you are away 

It feels like you are just around me

caressing my cheeks

kissing me and biting my cheeks

it is like you are invisibly present around me

your eyes keeping me tracked all along

holding my hand and walk along as I move ahead.