As I push you away..pull me back harder

If I ever push you away

pull me harder 

closer to you 

let me feel that this is the place I never want to leave

Play with your lips on me 

let us make a music with the rhythm of our tongue

scribble all you want to on my body

covering every inch of me with your pen

I want to be the canvas you painted with love

As I am around you, you feel me with your eyes

as if you undo me all over and then bind me again into a unique piece

awakening my anticipation on the pleasure you will surprise me with.

Listening to the whisper of my world

Like the sound of the raindrops falling on the roof

I can hear your heartbeat as I lay on your chest

in the rhythm of it, I can hear you call my name 

every heart beat falls in my ear as if it is beating for me alone

in the soft rhythm of your breathing, I take my slumber at peace

in your arms sleep invites me peacefully

all I realized is I want to curl up in your arms

with your lips kissing my forehead 

embraced and wrapped like a gift in your hands

all my dreams came to life when you are with me

I could fight the demons away as I lay on your chest

as you own me and take me as yours forever 

I don’t need to travel around to explore the world

as your arms enclose my world – And that is You.

You saw me when I was invisible

You discovered me

when I was invisible to all

you held me, as I was drowning 

you talked to me when my ears turned deaf

you walked with me when the path was stony

you uphold my dreams, as it began to shatter

you held  me close by as I was broken

I never knew what life was until I held your hands

you took me to the world, stimulated my passion

and brought me into a life worth living than a dream

you loved me when everyone found me difficult to love

you conquered my soul, as it was like a kite flying with the wind

you made a home for me to live securely inside your mortal self.



I don’t want to be the star…just your girl

Sitting at the roof top

with hands digging in between your legs

as you hold me close with your arms on my waist

looking up to the night sky

spending hours on stargazing 

which are smiling and blinking at us

jealously looking over us

as they cannot hold hands and love like us

up from the sky, they look at us 

as if we were angels on earth

spreading the rhythm of love and care

I do not want to be a star

I want to be the girl who can hold your hands 

living forever like this under the stars.

Inhale me …

inhale me 

and exhale all your love on me

breathe me in 

let my aroma fill your heart and lungs

let me fill in your bloodstreams 

like my fingers move all over you

close your eyes and feel me under you

wake up under the wetness of my hair

embrace me as I sit close to you

I want to feel the warmth of you in the mornings 

as I come shivering from the shower

with water dripping everywhere

let me wake you up with the tiny droplets dripping from my body

hold me closer ,to feel the cool water that washed me up

cherish the taste of my lips which is like petals soaked in the dew drops

let my mornings be as sweet as this everyday with you beside me.