You are my world

I am living a life with you

when it was me and you together as one

I was your window to the world 

when you snipped from me 

you became my world 

the world I want to be around all along

I let you see 

I let you feel through me

every small touch of yours awoke me 

from the deep sleep  when we were one 

the whole world you saw through me 

took you in their arms, as you arrived

I carried you in my heart forever all along

even when you could take little steps away from me

I know you would run back to me and jump into my arms.




I skip my world

As darkness subsides

I love the moments that floats in

you and me in a different world

unknown to many but only to us

the time you creep into me

exploring the heights of my patience

exploring my skin sensitivity and the burning sensations

as if you were worshiping me inside out

I skip the world around me and fall in your arms

feeling me all over without uttering words

your breath carried the words your heart whispered to you

you find ways to excite me to the core

as you kiss on my neck… I let loose myself

as if you opened up the treasure chest in me

invading into my soul through the keyhole

you make my minutes skip away

every second to be worthwhile

honoring every promise you made to my heart.




Fade away

Don’t just fade away

fade away like the stars 

fade away like the words on the beach with the Wave

take me along with you

as you can never fade away from the inner soul of mine

I lived for a reason 

I live to fulfill the desire to be with you 

as you fade away from me

it is just me falling apart

you build my dreams 

waking me from the deep slumber  I was in

hold on to me as you decide to walk away

I will let you sink in me 

letting you explore the hidden me

the one that will show you how much you mean to me.

you find me like a miracle there

unbroken and shining 

wait until then, don’t just give up on me. 

She was his choice

She wept

She  was in the seventh heaven

the feelings were phenomenal

something she couldn’t control

it was something of him that left her speechless

yet her eyes teary

she never knew she was so precious to him

the moment he held her hands 

conveying to her how much he could  do

just to be with her

even when she was never pretty

even when she was heartbroken

he chose her from the crowd

bringing out the best in her.


loving the best way he could

As they lay together 

arm in arm 

sharing the warmth of their inner self

they enjoyed the skin to skin touch 

the joy of being together

waking up to one another 

and  drifting into sleep watching each other

the bliss of love

she enjoyed when he was lost in her eyes

when he admits 

that she could make him do anything

with those tempting eyes of hers

he could feel her heart throbbing to the rhythm of his words

the way she shied away from his eyes 

realizing how much she was conveying him 

that she loved him to the core.