Invisible to your eyes… but felt by your heart

Does true love exist?

is it worth waiting for

at times when the dreams are shattered

once in your lifetime you meet the match

the soul that will give you everything undeniably

even if there is no true love

let me give you my love, the one you might dream of

like the lullaby to the baby 

I will be there as the music to your ears

rocking your way through your tough times

living the dreams with you even if it meant to be hell for me

soaking myself in the colors of your life

I will give the glimpse of my love, even if you don’t believe in true love

cherishing the days with me will be your reality. 



Am like a mirage…​with dreams filled in my eyes


I am born different

I am like the mirage in the desert

you might find me only when you need me

at times I come to you like a blessing

at times am the worst that  could happen to you

I have my weaknesses and kindness but never take it for granted

I can be as normal as you like even if I had stressful sleepless nights

I may not be beautiful but am totally complicated

never try to strangle me or study me

let the ambiguity remain in my identity

never play with my innocent soul that it switches to the bitch mode

I am ambitious, let me thrive to live my dreams

I want to live my dreams and quit from the reality

my words can be  deceiving yet my eyes don’t

as you can see the dreams filled in my eyes. 




The mess I was before we met …​

I am a mess

but with you am a godess

when I think am a mistake 

you make me feel that am always right

you make me feel like a star that lit the night sky

as my dark thoughts keep clounding in my mind

you bring in the light of wisdom and patiene

you bestow the hope in me and I fall into that 

In someone’s life am an unread page

and for you I become the story as a whole

where the story begins with me and ends in me

when I paused my breath to quit from life

you came into my life like oxygen to my lungs

letting me forget the unloved past and live the lovable present

with you beside me and me nustled in your arms 

enjoying the warmth of your arms in the blissful life.


Music is like being in …​

Being with  you is like

listening to music

at times soft and tender

at times aggressive and pop

like the music flows we move

like it pauses out eyes meet when the world becomes still

like the deep music catches the fire in our thoughts

you go deep into me igniting me and burning me in it

As the notes of music looks strange to me

you look into my eyes trying to find out the strange connection in us

like the music keeps ringing in your ears even when the music is off

your thoughts remain and camouflage around me even in your absence

like I repeat the songs, I want to repeat you in my life

until you and I become the melancholy of the night.


Joy of pain

Do you know the beauty of pain?

the pain that strikes you hard

but the impact remains a mark on you

the pain with the pleasure

the feel of skin on top of another skin

the sharpness of the teeth and the nails

the pain of separation

the pain of taking away 

the beauty remains hidden until the moments arrive

the pain of waiting 

the longings that take your imaginations wild

the joy that accompanies the pain is impeccable

the tenderness of the pain is the magic

the revolt of your hormones to let you go through the pain is immense

the pain is incredible if it doesn’t cause you bleed but takes your breath away.