Live the Gift of being alive

break free from your ego

no life is a competition

live every second of your life

as if you are about to die

wealth comes like a visitor

let us not be driven by it

life is to love and give

the more you give, the more you gain

keep your ego apart and live passionately

explore the beauty that is beyond words

touch the hearts, love the soul

feel the thrill to live rather than survive

emit positivity that will calm down the negativity 

live the gift of being alive

let go your fears and embrace the truth.




Surrendering to Darkness

Let me surrender to you 

O Darkness 

I wonder Why I am in love with you

you take my shadows away

let me be free from it forever 

I become what I am in the darkness

open up my heart with all the love

with none to judge and decide

the beauty of the darkness is engulfing my mind

the starry beauty of the night is elegant and bewitching 

let me be the one to swim around the night life

exploring the new horizons in my life.




Let us explore every curve on the way

exploring the depth of the visit 

the joy of giving and taking

the pleasure of exploring 

the twists and turns that excite the heart

 experiencing the joy of taken care of  and the pain of being left alone

being passionate and adventurous

hurting enough, where the pain vanishes 

the joy of exploring you is my adventure 

I love to experience your world

Let me walk alone in those paths 

enjoying the bliss of your nature.




I live in two places

I live in two places

one here and the other where you are

the one where am Alone

is just an unknown level 

where I drift across as if am living dead

when I reach where you are 

I come to life

I smile and feel my heart beat

it is like reborn again

knowing your presence lets my soul light up

I live to fulfill my utmost desire

when I am alive and with you forever.

Let me be just ME

Let me be what I am

stop invading my spaces

exploring my thoughts

you will never know what I want to be

let my thoughts flow as it wants to

never be an obstruction to it

let me enjoy the bliss of freedom in my thoughts

stop caging my thoughts as you do to my life

my thoughts construct what I am now and forever

let me follow my heart for once and be unique than be one in the crowd.