Build memories with mommy

Let us build memories

memories of your childhood 

the memories that lay the foundation of my love for you

I want to be the one you wake up in the early mornings

I want to be the one that you want to cuddle into when you are scared 

or even want slip into the deep sleep

let me cuddle you with all my love

let me be a part of your story that is irreplaceable

let me kiss away your pain when you cry 

rest your head on my chest, let me suck away all your pain

you are the born out of me 

a piece of me that even being cut away I cannot live with

O my child, you are the one I treasure always.


Attention grabber

She looks into my eyes as if she has thousands of words rumbling in her head. Even while conversing with others, my inner eyes and conscience are focused on her. I smile inside as I see her struggling to grab my attention with her naughty little tantrums.  She tries all her way out to let me look at her and cuddle her. Yet I was testing her patience to the core. I couldn’t stop giggling. Her eyes and the tiny little nose always attracted me, I felt like biting them. Still, I held my heart waiting patiently.

Finally, she was out of her patience, She grabbed my face forcibly focusing my whole attention on her sweet face. She looked at me….and observed I was still talking to my friend. She with her tiny little fingers closed my lips, which I felt like the rose petals caressing my lips. Her tender hands were the softest like the dew drops. I looked at her, smiling and then cuddled her so hard tickling her when she burst out in laughs. 

I knew she wanted my attention as she returned from school. It was hard for her to let go my sight from her. Adoring the moments with her, I walked her in my arms holding her tight, as if I never wanted her to grow up. I wish I could hold the time there and be with her for a while until my life is washed away. the thought of being away from her engulfs a fear in my heart, that is what makes me crave for more. 

Let me be your ally

Let us create life

bring in the sensualities alive every second we live

thriving to satisfy the souls 

bringing live the fantasies from the dungeons

shed away the fears and bring on the real you and me

shut your ears to the devil’s languages 

let me be your inner voice

unraveling the riddles in our lives

invoking the thought processes to better ones always

build our dreams with the desires as the bricks to it

we build the world which has crystal rainfall from the dark black clouds

with hope as the booster to our dreams 

as I want to be your ally for every reason you could live and die for.

Let me be your drug

Take me as yours

until the last star in the galaxy dies off

let me be the path you want  to walk on

let my fingers be the one that switches on the fire in you

let my eyes be the one that makes you go crazy

let my arms be the place where you find solace

let me be your loneliness you want to enjoy your solitude

let me be the smile that adorns your lips

let me be the echo of your soul 

that whispers you the wonders of love

let me be the one to heal your wounds

let me be the infection that you never want to get rid off 

let me crawl inside your mind and dominate your senses

let me be the craving that you are irresistible to

let me harm you so that I can be your dope.


Selfish me

I am selfish

I am selfish when it is your love

It is hard to share you love

It is hard to share your attention

when you are with me I want it all

the grazing of your hands over me 

the sensual touch of your lips over me

everything that ignites my soul is just mine

I could hardly ignore the fire in me 

that flares the amber with your presence

I want you to own me and possess me 

let me be the spirit that dances with your soul

hand in hand  and arms tangled 

as you kiss away the pain you bring on to me 

with your bites and slaps.