Awakening the feminine me


I could feel the feminine me

when you are near me

you intensify my senses with your touch

you let my imaginations run wild 

your thoughts makes me smile

nothing is right with you beside me

you evoke the true self in me

exploring the raw beauty in me 

as you know the depth of me 

letting my fear depart away from my inner self

letting me show my true self to you

you make me what I ever want to be and what I am

without you, nothing seems to be right

the whole world seems to be vacant and fake to me

you know to invoke the intellectual me and make me perform the best

you are the reason that I became What I am always in my heart

Be with me forever .. let me die as I am and not the fake me. 

Crawling out of my hiding place

I was a timid one

hiding away from the world

living in my cocoon

shadowed forever 

until when you came into me

unzipping each layer of my cocoon

taking me in your arms

away from the hell to heaven

letting me crawl  out from my hiding place

unbuttoning the soul and exploring me like never before

your eyes contain the love for me

that drove me crazier than ever

I embraced the truth 

that falling in love with you was never a sin.


my eyes have​ a dream for us

Like the colors

mixing in the water

you came into my life

you painted me like a rainbow

making me shine in the rain and sunlight

as you held me closer, I felt like I found my treasure

you tasted me like the wine  you craved for

filling me every time with the love I craved for

your presence enlightened my world

ringing in my ears, your voice was like music to me

immerse into me falling deeply into my eyes

where I have a dream for us to live 

hold my hands and walk with me even if it meant

the destiny was miles away

because with you even miles seems like heaven to me.




Why not be strong for a while???

Her sorrows overshadowed her thoughts

her tears were uncontrollably drenching her cheeks

as she wiped her tears …

in the distance

there was a light …brighter than the stars

taken by surprise .. she walked towards it

the light began to move

taking her to the distant…to her dreams

she walked shedding her fears and sorrow

the light enlightening her soul

enchanting her soul

walked her through the thick and thin

as she walked by alone to her destiny

the rest followed her …

for them, she became the star…

that led them to their dreams

but for her ….as she moved on…she realized 

she was following her instincts 

for a better tomorrow.


At every point of life..when one loses their confidence, just close your eyes

and relax… there is enough hope in our conscience that can lead us to the right place.