She flipped his life …

He looked at her

admiring her imperfectly perfect soul and the bewitching eyes

she smiled..and his heart uncontrollably agreed

it was quick for him

the meeting and falling in love

he was in love before even he thought about it

he felt empty without her

he never knew he could love someone like he loved her

it was her ..who flipped his life 

until then he believed he had all perfect ones in his life

yet she came and took over his moments in a jiffy

she was never a replacement but someone who fitted in his life

in his perfect world …an imperfect fit 

that he could love unconditionally 

she was like air to him as he drowned



Discovering the joy of existence​

love is not hard when am with you

love is not strange when you look into my eyes

love became an eternity when you held my hand

smiles sparked the souls

touches excited like never before

curiosity ignited when you were near

unleashing the secrets of my soul

surrendering to your moves 

letting you savor every drop of me

quenching the thirst for love 

discovering the joy of existence. 




Challenging my thoughts

your thoughts echo in my soul

unable to shut my ears to the voices

my eyes yearned for you

you were tempering my thoughts

you buried into me deeply

that when you leave 

I felt empty 

like a hollow in my soul

you stimulate my soul

sweeping my feet off my realities

challenging the very thought I was blinded with.




Swept Away​

you are the pearl I was in search for

veiled in the crowd

the one who held the key to my heart

even when I believed to be the happiest

you created an explosion in my heart

uncontrollably pulling me towards you

even when I had shut my eyes

you filled my thoughts and heart

leaving me unshielded with your thoughts

it was like you paused my world

and played the magic of love with your eyes

that I was falling in love irrevocably 

your words irresistibly climbed into my heart

letting me admire your style of  hastening into my life


I sat weeping silently

while my heart was bursting out 

and my eyes uncontrollably cascading tears

I was missing my home

homesickness was clouding my mind

that is when you arrived 

holding me tightly in your arms 

I felt there is no better place than this

your arms is my home

the home that I love to be in

as you embrace me, I feel like home coming

the perfect safe resort for me to live

together we built our sweet heaven

filled with the music of our laughter

your arms are the place I truly belong.