Count your blessings

Love the darkness

as it lets me see the stars

the stars are uncountable like blessings in life

the sun and the moon shines everywhere

like problems in one’s life 

projecting themselves so hard 

that we forget what a million blessings we have in life

let us fall in love with the darkness 

enlightening our souls with the tiny little shiners

who keep our inner soul happier

never betray our minds and let the shadows of the brighter ones 

over come our precious little joys

even the vastness of the sky shines with these little stars

let us embrace our limitations and jump into the vast ocean of the magic of darkness




Show the world the devil

I walk on the same deserted path

even when I knew there was no water apart

I walk through the hell

even when I knew there was none to rescue

I walked away from all the happiness

even when I knew I cannot handle it

it is just my wild soul 

that goes untamed.

wandering in the wrong direction

stepping on everything with an intuition

unalarmed and unashamed of my beauty

with the fire in my eyes

tears all dried up 

decked up with all my scars that became a beauty to my skin

enchanting the world with my charms

showing what a devil can be.


Listen to the silent music that unwinds you

At times 

it takes a lifetime to know  a person

at times

you fall for a person in an instant

when you confuse your self

with what is reality and what is life

let us just live the moment

the moment when you lose your self

the moment when you are just you

unlike the planned you

loosen your soul

let it fly like a leaf led by the wind

uncovering the infidelity and the joy of freedom

the joy is tremendous and unforgettable

the mixture of thrill and excitement that entices the soul

loosing your fears and embracing the truths of your soul

never hide away from your true self

let the tide strike you at the right time

making it thrash you like never before

empowering the power of love within you

reincarnate yourself from your dead soul

enjoy the bliss of life..fall in love..forget the world

dance to the rhythm of your soul 

a silent music that unwinds you…


I never knew what it was like falling in love…Until​

I never knew what comfort was 

until I met you

I never knew what it meant like hurt to the core

until I tried to run away from you

I never knew what jealousy was

until I could never see you walk away

I never realized what a void was

until you decided to stay silent

I never knew what was eternal love

until when your soul connected with me

I never knew that words were not enough to say

until when you asked me how much I loved you

I never knew what it meant to be broken

until you broke my heart

I never knew what it meant to be trusting

until you returned to me …

I never knew what was like falling in love 

until you dived into my soul

I never knew what drowning was 

until I felt the depth of your love.




A pinch of me

a pinch of life

a pinch of love

a pinch of my heart

a pinch of my soul

as I give it to you

keep it safe in your hands

as I am invincible

it is my life that I gave you

a spoonful of me 

gulp it even when you think am tasteless

as you consume me, am gonna be filled in you

like a heap of love into your soul

as you take me in …

there is never a good bye to me

there is never a detach from me

as you are irreversibly connected with my soul.