The moment of truth

Ever thought of a moment 

that leave you all lonely and scared

the moment when you realize 

that you played with a sacred thought

close your eyes….

let the moment take you in completely

breathe in the reality

it will show you in a split second

whether you were right or wrong

the thoughts might be tampered at times

but listen to your soul

the soul that is the real you

the one who knows you more than anyone

feel the pulse of excitement

the moment you come to life

the moment that brings out the beauty in you

the real you to face the world

and you feel the world around you on your skin

that is the moment of life you never want to lose.


Your absence…

your absence

is like banishment from life

your absence

makes me fall apart

as if I never existed 

even the particles of me

wander around the world

to feel the echo of your touch

to find you and take you as mine

bringing in  my fallen pieces together

making me the one you every wanted to hold

to let you not go away again.



The way he looked at me ….

I gave away my soul

the soul that was in search of its destiny

as I met you, the very second

my soul betrayed my defenses

embracing your soul 

I may not be the beautiful one

yet your eyes make me feel like am the one

who took your breath away

the way we meet is like an adventure to my soul

I enjoy the freedom of being myself in your arms

As you accepted me with my imperfections.



The pain that arrives with the departing of our lips

You hold me like there is no tomorrow

the way you look into my eyes

it is like you want to drown into it

as we embrace ourselves 

the time seems to have frozen

for a moment I just want to live that life forever

yet as you loosen the arms

the moment that decides it is time to part ways

even if my brain knows you have to leave

my heart disagrees letting my tears overflow

the pain that begins with the depart of your lips from mine

only cures with the union of our lips again…

For every pause ….