The way I wrote my heart out

As I was fiddling around

the music was on

the words flew into the paper

like never before

your thought excited me 

it became words I never knew 

I could write

I shut my eyes to the world who were judging me

I shut my ears for the critics 

it was just love camouflaged 

I was falling in love with the music in my ears

my body moved rhythmically

yet my eyes smiled 

and my heart was beating profusely as if it was in you

bringing life to my fantasies 

I kept on ….being poetic.



I meant …am nothing without you

Like the feel look for the land to walk on

like the birds look for a home

like the night sky for the moon

a thirsty one for the water

I crave for the one 

the one who would enlighten me

bring me to life 

like a sapling out of the seed

you became the one who lit me on fire

you give the pain..yet you give me the desire to live

you lighten up the smile on my face

and you become the reason for the tears that uncontrollably flow down

never walk away from me, leaving me stranded

I may know the way back home

yet without you, there is no home 

you are the heaven and hell  I want to be in.

shine like never before

grab me 

hold on my waist

lets dance to the beats 

the music says all that my heart wanna tell you

be the man to me

let me be the woman 

feel you right and tight

hastily move around me

as if you were crazy without me

hold me tight, as I won’t mind you doing that

let your touch whisper to my soul 

the sparks in our souls are reflecting in the mortal ones

let us shine in the dark 

the sparkle of our love awakens a life in me.

Desire…..drives me crazy

Desire led me to surrender to you

let me be the one whom you could cuddle with

let me be the one whom you could endlessly fall in love

even with my faults raging everywhere

my eyes are the ones that will tell you

how true I am to you

I might be crazy and wild

insanely in love 

but it is the just the desire to be with you

driving me crazier and my dopamines too

I want to be the one..whom you refuse to share or give away.




Be my reality

Be my reality

let me feel the world out of fantasy

jump into my ocean of life

only if you are scared not to be drowned

follow your heart that leads to me

look into my eyes

as you see the moment my vision is focussed on you

the thoughts about you flickers away in split seconds

let it be you

whom I want to contain in my eyes forever..