Exploring the world in you

Let me travel

travel through the wide world

uphill..downhill…through the valleys 

holding your  hands

feeling the rush of adrenalin as I lead you

to the heaven in my life

let us explore and get lost in the world around

let us get drenched in the rain

get excited about the exploration

and inscribe permanent marks in our heart.

explore the hidden treasures 

discover the joy of being ourselves 

unhidden by the false hopes and dreams

cherishing every moment exploring the world in you. 



When the other half met….

I was lost till now

I felt my heart was never at peace

it fled when it was captivated 

wandering in the shadows cast by the woods 

deep into the lost souls

in search of something

something…..that was unknown to me 

yet my heart yearned for the same

until I met your soul

the one which reminded me 

that am whole now …

the one soul that I was endlessly in search for

risking everything that belonged to the half me.


your silence was killing me ..like never before

the pain is unlimited

words cannot express 

what the turmoil is caused 

no tears rolling down to comfort me

no tears to lessen my pain

seems like my soul has dried up

the sorrow was uninvited into my soul

but invaded the space in my heart

losing everything that was dear to me

my silent screams are hurting me

as if am stabbed to death 

even the scars I made never ceased the pain in my soul

your silence was killing me ….like never before.



Life is better with you ..my friend

At times am just an ear for you

to listen to you

sometimes am just the feel of touch

a small hug or a hand to caress

at times I am the one who is there to

shoulder your pain

let me be a part of you

a part of your sorrow and your happiness

walk together in the rain

soaked in the sun 

share a laugh with the nibble of sweetness

i just want to be the one whom 

you see as your comfort zone

let me embrace you as you are

a friend as I am for you

the one who is uniquely yours.