like fire and water

you give me love and pain

it is like 

for a moment I feel the pain

and for a moment it is all love

the fire that I let myself burn in

you fire me up …for all to see

embrace me like the fire and water

yet I want to let you flame

even on me..forever

let me be the water to cool you down

the one to quench your thirst

where you can rest in my arms

I might extinguish you…yet am the one who can cool you

I am like the wind that carries you along as I change my course

with you still burning along ….blazing my soul like never before.


Wake me from my slumber

I fell many times

I was ashamed 

I hid from the world

running away into the dark

which was once the scary place to visit

now became a home to me

I sat there under the shade …with my eyes open

watching the world move ahead of me

I wanted to step out

but the way I got blended with darkness

it was like an envelope for me

protecting me from all evil

one day held your hand out to me

I knew it was time…yet I was scared

you smiled… and pulled me out from my slumber

like a sapling out of the seed

I rose up from the sand

growing up to be someone ……I wished I could be …




Take poison

I am dark

dark like the thick forests

you may find me weird

you may find me wild

yet I dance to my own tune

forgetting the past

living in the moment

I give myself to the world as one piece

even when am thousands of unfinished pieces

I have love and compassion

that you will find in every point you touch

I accumulate in you like milk into the black tea

I can never be separated from your soul

drink me like poison

as I blend with you bloodstreams 

let me fill you like a wildfire

flaming you up like never before.


Walking down the lane

As I walked down the lanes

the paths that crossed mine

a few years back

memories good and bad flooded in

for a second I thought, it would be my tears

but it never reacted seemed frozen and numb

I walked hand in hand with my charms

they led me to places where I have being at a time in the history

only the good memories remained,

the rest vanished away into thin air

I could smile

and tell them…am ready for you

as I knew … am happier now

than then…




Waking up bright and light

waking up in the morning

with a smile that you brought to my face

from the little hugs and kisses 

the strong cuddles that light me up

brings down the early morning stress in me

love the way you hold me tight

as I want to wake up right

showering all your love

like the morning dew

I wish I could snuggle up all day long

until the sun bids goodbye and the moon visits.