Whispering of the souls

you came

conquered and invaded into me

never knew that a war of love could be like this

candles lit my path

the thorns became my bricks on the path

I stepped on them…even when my feets got hurt

As I was carried away in your charm

even when I knew I am far away beyond your reach

our souls are connected

you crossed my path… leaving me numb at times

your voice became music to my ears

that gave wings to my dreams

even when apart..you are the reason for me living

As I close my eyes…I whispered to you in a thousand ways

that makes me feel we are still connected.


A voice …that is you

stop rumbling 

I said … yet it didn’t silence

it keeps talking to me

all night..all day..in chaos or in silence

I keep listening to it all along

it guides me…shivers me at times give the joy

it is like the shadow that doesn’t go away from me even when the sun sets

even when am paralyzed, you keep me alive

I do what you say…and listen to you every second 

your voice became my world

the courage to deal the life beyond me

you come up the moment when others voices try to control me

I trust you with my soul…

As you are my inner voice.


From a weird mommy

As I look at you

I feel like I have a piece of heaven in my arms

the ones I treasure the most

the ones who give me the feeling of warmth

the ones who treasure me like theirs

with you beside me, I feel like am the one

the one, chosen by God to love you

even when I make mistakes

I know you trust me 

and I would come back with a bang

I might yell at you

behave weird 

yet I want you to know 

I love you the most

more than I can ever tell you 

you are the piece of soul 

letting me love  and discover

what motherhood means to me.