Never Silence me

never silence me

let me talk

let me scream to my limit

let me throat be slit

yet let me be just what I am

you can walk away

even if it hurts me to the core

yet I will love everyone who hated me

I might live in your dreams

I might be the reason for your grudge

I might be the reason for your fun

I might be the reason for your heartbreak

I might be the on whom you never ever wanted

still, it is just me

let me live as I am 

different but with a soul

the one you are scared to loose. 

Distance can never be measured between you and me

My eyes running wild

a small pain pricking my heart

felt like being lost in the space

even when everything seemed to be mine around

the pain remained

is it called missing?

is it called true love?

does missing makes love live longer?

distance never hurt me before

I could feel even the breeze whisper your message in my ears

your fragrance rekindles my soul

yet my eyes are blinded 

grab my waist and take me away

let me feel the power of love 

accept me with all my flaws

let my flaws be the guiding line to me

Stay with me

I want you to stay

even when you could leave me 

for thousands of reasons

look into my eyes

find a reason to be with me

as long as my soul leaves the mortal me

feel the flesh in me and the blood that pumps

look into my eyes where you could see my love

you can see how insanely am in love with you

invoke my wild side and rip me off 

as I want to be shattered away into pieces

and fall on every inch of you 

for you to carry me along wherever you go.