The Mask

I was scared

when I answered you

I was worried if you could sense my betrayal

the feelings that were in my heart 

was it just because I still loved you

or was it just because I loved someone more than you

yes I answered to your question

“Do you love me?”

but the wicked smile my heart gave 

tweaked my eyes

as I know I love my kids more than anyone

their smile excites me more than anything else

the unconditional love I have for them has no competition.

Silence …….

the void you created 

you went off like a wind

touching my soul 

and tarnishing it as you left by

the silence was killing

the emptiness killed me from inside

stirring the waves of doubts in me

yet I fought struggling to suppress the feelings

I know the true love has the power to bring you back

shattering away the walls and barriers 

I waited until you were showing up in the distance

bringing the sunshine into my life.

You are the reason for my hope

Be my shooting star

let me be the night sky for you

enlighten me with your stardust

I just need a steady heart

the one that beats for me exclusively

the one that is awake for me

the one that forgets the world in my eyes

the one that keeps my heart toss around

feeling the vibe live 

the one that makes me feel what it means eternity

love me a thousand ways

makes me long for every morning 

when I can be awake in his arms

the place where I find solace.


The extent of his love

I know the extent of his love

with the ease with which he whispered to me

” I want a life inside you”

his love for me was defined in those words

his strong hands cupped my face

kissing on my forehead

sinking into my eyes

with his pupil filled with me

he whispered again 

I want to be the one in those eyes 

let me perish in it

I let myself out 

granting his wish.


Like the firefly…

you and me

like the light to the firefly

flying high in the night sky

you burn in me

giving the light to me

as I wander away

lighting others around me

your heat lets me 

fight the cold in the night

leading in my path as the sunshine to the day

we burn together , enjoying the warmth together

even if its you lighting and am burning.