you came into me accidently

Loving you was unexpected

you let loose the stubborn mule in me

letting me realize my weaknesses

my weirdness is what made you mine

it was destiny that united us

as my heart fell for you 

it was like a part of me was residing in you forever

that brought me to you, to unite with me

it was like two magnets playing when we met

letting me explore more sensual part in me

making the heart burst with the joy of love.


the feel of been loved

she is a confused soul

the feeling of being loved

crushed her from inside

she felt she was worthless

yet she let him conquer her heart

the way she brushed her hair on his face

giving herself on to him

soaking herself in his love

sucking the heart out of him

receiving the love bites

the ones she treasured in her heart

even the pain felt like honey to her soul

the sweetness cuddled her and she felt alive for the moment in his arms.

Love is not lust

love is not the lust

it is not the lust for flesh

the beauty of the language of the eyes

the soul meeting spaces

the feel of the warmth of the their presence

even when the skin doesn’t meet

the distance killing their hearts

missing the moments that keep glimpsing in the eyes

the longing to be together once again

the sounds whispering in the ears

reminding their presence even in their absence

the sleepless nights that you spend gazing at them

wishing that they could be there right in your arms

right next you tangling their legs with yours

all enclosed in your arms

letting you feel the true love.