Let me be the bad one…

Let me take you as mine

letting you rule over me

yet I know the magic to drive you crazy

I give you my heart to keep it safe

as I carry my heart in my sleeves

the bandits take my heart away

I cannot control when am attracted to negativity

trusting the world around me blindly

I create the camouflage of smoke around me

not letting my secrets go live 

yet you might find me vulnerable 

letting you take over me

doesn’t me, that am weak

I have a strong nomadic soul

with lots of manmade love for you

I let you lead, as I love you unconditionally

let me the bad one ..to let you choose me from the dirt

let me the bad one..so that you treasure me as yours forever

but never disrespect me…as I might run off before you know.




Dance with me…let the moments go by

I am like a free spirit

never lock me up

love me like never before

let your heart fall into me

I will love you like you never felt

be mine forever

though am not yours forever

Let me fly away 

never grab me tight that I might fall away on the way

never set me your destiny 

but I want to be the part of your journey

the place where you find solace

dance with me…the moments away

let me be like a feather touching your soul

I will shower my love on you  unconditionally

until you are mine….


Bringing in my fantasy alive

it was like rain

thunder and storms

yet the shower of love

with the taste of pain

little anxiety

little ecstasy 

driving me crazier than ever before

you were my fantasy 

just the way you love me

without being alarmed 

letting me forget myself in your arms

and you arrived like thunder into me

shattering the glass walls around me

breaking my barriers.

letting me forget myself

biting away the shyness in me

you brought my fantasy alive.