The pieces of glass was a reflection of her soul

the pieces of the broken glass

looked like her broken soul

shattered into thousands of pieces

she was a confused soul

repenting on being silly

she was drowning in her own life

she lost what was dear to her

there was none extending a hand to help

she stood on like a powerful soul

sinking herself into the dilemmas

the darkness creeping into her soul

her voice was silenced

there was no power to pull her up from the black hole

the weight of being rebellious cost her life

far ahead she saw the shine of hope

the hope that was drug to her life

she consumed it with all her heart

the drug of love 

and She lived.


love is so delicate yet strong


you accepted the dark and the light in me

you lighted up my soul

the touch of your soul

made me believe in eternal love

I never knew love could be so delicate yet strong

the journey of our love is like an exodus

our unification lets us liberate the souls inside us

igniting our bodies to unite and make love

the touch of you brought quiver in my soul

breaking the barrier in my fantasy and real life

loving me like never before

finally making me dizzy that I sink in your arms

leaving the marks on my territory.



Lets create memory of togetherness

Every second turns into a memory

a memory so desirable

that craves us to re-live it again and again

that is the life I have with you

 the fragments of seconds when you look at me

those hands playing with my hair knots

the long cuddles, the time we expressed our love

the missing …the craving for love

the memory that we paint together

about our life in the capsule of time

you are the one I want to fill colors within my life

let us make memories 

that would let me come back to you

even when I am  lost in space 

without even a tinge of memory lingering in

even when my brain goes wild and lost

just I want the injection of your memory

that we made together to bring me back.