I want to runaway from life


I was scared

cold and frigid

nothing was clear

I expected the world to be nice

it was too much for me to expect

everything around me was hurting me inside

the fake smiles that I framed on my lips never helped me much

I lived a lie to fulfilling my wishes secretly

I adored being a runaway child

it was hard to stay focused

to run away from everything became just a dream

a dream, I knew that one day I would live up.

Am i unlovable ,since I lost you for nothing


blood spurted out in his veins

I could see the anger in his eyes

the vision filling in red

he was confused with distress

the agony was far beyond

the torture of being in love with the one

who can never be yours

the silence had taken her away from him

she took the rejection and left your heart empty

the void she created was never filled

like a lonely soul

now you send kisses in the wind

you caress her with the eyes

she could never return

as you never told her

the untold truth buried in your heart

anger was the only emotion you could portray.

A Dollop of love and agitation


I wish I could stop 

Thoughts fogged up

overthinking is  killing me

when I love

where is the dollop of confusion

trusting you forever is the key to life

belonging to you like thunder and lightning

giving you everything that’s mine

yet insecurity was whipping in me

the guilt of not being with you

the stigma of losing you 

thinking harrowing my soul

yet as you hold my hand 

and embrace me

everything sets right

it is like in your arms 

the heaven comes down to me

letting me smile like never before.