Being yours …


A second without you is impossible

Nevertheless, I know you are never near me

there isn’t a time that your presence is not felt

even in dreams and outside 

my soul is dancing with you around

 the time I am away from your arms

it is the craving time 

like a kid craves for chocolate

I crave for you

I want to melt with you

the smoke that flame around

I want to be the smell

to linger around you

it was the distance that brought us together

it will be the distance that is afraid to take up

a step away from you is near death for me

take me in your arms

and let me forget the world around me

let me be the one, rather than the dream

I want the day when I just don’t have  to run away

bidding goodnight 

and welcome the morning rays snuggling next to you.


Her heart yearned only the for ones that could hurt her

Her letters were soulful

she let her heart out in every word she wrote

as he read those letters 

with a smile on his face 

her words flew like arrows into his heart

she could move the word for him

to be with him

yet he walked away turning his back on her

she wept enough to drown herself in it

the agony and the void that brought about was hard to be filled

she was taken for granted by everyone whom she adored the most

she blinded off from the world 

forgetting herself in the dark world 

she shut herself into…

the truth was hard for herself to swallow

her heart always felt love for the wrong ones

for she saw what was good in them 

even when she knew her steps towards him wasn’t right

she moved further, pricked by every thorn on her path

finally, she was all dreaded and sore like a lifeless soul

equal to  dead.

Loving you..I lost myself


Time tell tales

tales of our love

tales of how I lost myself

time witnessed how I lost my life 

just by loving you the most

I was shattered  and liquidated 

the soul in me was lifeless

loving you just harmed my soul

the trust you broke up 

I couldn’t endure the very next moment of my life

it was like suffocating myself to death

yet death strangled me 

dropped me to life 

the life, I couldn’t embrace without you

the emptiness killed me 

the void was lethal

breathing seemed impossible

cheeks never dried up

words never uttered

the life was miserable 

yet …I looked up on the path

with a hope that you will return.