Faith ; the key to your ambition


I took the choice

the choice to trust

have faith in you blindly

I believed that nothing could wrong when am with you

I held my arms up and embraced the facts

hope and assurance gave me strength

because I knew that faith brings in miracles

when I built mountains  of doubts in my path

your arrival was the faith that let me walk through the difficulties

the miracles that I was blessed with was you

when all my eyes shut to the darkness

you shined brightly upon me

like a lifesaver

like water to the thirsty

like a companion to my loneliness

truly affirming my faith

fragmenting my dismay

letting me walk to my ambition.





The dungeons of my secrets


I was prepared

though my mind fiddled like my hands

the willingness of my brain never convinced my soul

my soul shouted out loud

yet I had locked it up in the deep dungeon

the dungeon of my secrets

the pains cluttered around the soul

silencing it every moment

it was out to be loud

cravings of the soul was never quenched

the thirst continued

until death.

Paper boats


She sat there

at the edge of the river

making paper boats

setting it to sail across the river

the boats moved  in different directions

sailing as if it were set to sail to a destination

she looked far beyond the river

to the far end across the river

the place she dreamt of being in

she never stopped sailing her dreams

the smaller boats carried her dreams

she knew, once they reached the other end

it was time for her to set her sail.