Unattainable yet unforgettable

She looked at him eagerly

waiting for the eyes to meet

she knew it was just her wish

he was lost in her eyes

the pain of unrequited love was hard to suffer

her thoughts struggled

she could not stop loving him

yet she knew he never thought about her

she was deserted from inside

while he flourished away from her

her dream was to see him smile always

she walked away with a heavy heart

as she knew he never needed her

loving someone who never loved her

was the hardest thing she ever did. 

Dilemma of a dreamer


Am a dreamer

a dreamer who build a world of dreams

at times confused about which is reality

and which is dream

pinch me , when am lost in my dreams

let me be bitten by reality

my dream are so untamed 

forgetting to live the real life

lost in my utopia which lets me design my world

feeling content in my dreams 

i forget that the reality is hard to convince myself

Am i psychic or an avid dreamer

living a fake life convincing that my dreams are my reality

led me nowhere

now returning is hard , yet living is hard too

dilemma of a dream…i lived a lie.


beauty unfolded floating up in the sky


High up from the sky

as i dived into the thin air

holding my pounding heart

which was battling with my eyes 

not letting it open up to the emerald view

finally when the heart bequeath the vision, I opened up my eyes

the view from the top mesmerising me

i admired how beautiful the view was

floating down like a leaf floating with the wind

not knowing which way to move

the world beneath me looked adorable

sun shining from the far east

lighting up the whole world

the greenery bewitching my mind

the white foamy waterfalls looked sparkling

the bluish waters shining like a blue blankets covering the brown sand

the green-clad mountain looked magnificent

as I was lost in the beauty unfolded in front of me

gravity pulling me down towards the earth

i pulled up the latch of my parachute  

there again the air pulled me up

slowly I floated with the air like a bird flying in the course of wind

landing slowly on the ground ,after a successful flight.