He was gently loving her


He never spoke

He never expressed his feelings

He was quite like a wind

but fierce like a fire

He could bring the whole world down for her

All he could did was hugging me like never leaving me forever

holding my eyes and hands while I stumble

I just look at you, as if you were the most enchanting one ever seen

My eyes could never shy away from yours

it was like I was dancing with you in my life

the dance of life engulfing our minds

leading us to the path of infinite love 

discovering the universal truth of love existance.

Till death…living on hope


She was not easy going

the toughest part was to know her

understanding her was far beyond

even if you are wrong

she would accept you to the best

even if she knows you might hurt her

she would love with all her heart

you cannot be united with her

its is the truth she digested

she would spend the life serving the wrong

even if it meant that she was to hide her scars 

that caused her the pains for her lifetime

let her live , live the false dreams 

as she cannot survive till death without hope.

Off she goes to school..letting my heart freeze


Carrying her big school bag

off she goes to school in the early morning

with a heavy heart and the guilt of loosing her time

I let her walk to school bus

the smile that takes away all my pain

i wish i could hold her all along with me

but what is holding me back

i really don’t know

the love that is playing with my heart

as she waves good bye

the beats of melancholy plays in my heart

crumbling my heart

my eyes wait along until she comes back

the goodbye kiss freezes my heart

until she returns , my heart stops beating

to let you go away like this , is never my wish.