Love – the unconditional tale



The first time you looked at me

you brought my heart to stop

the first time you hugged me

everything went upside down in my life

brining in the tear drop run out of my eyes

it was the time when I smiled even while my tears rolled down my cheeks

you made me feel what is love

loving you became the aim of my life

the aim that I will never deviate from

you became the path and your hands guided me along

your pain became mine

your cries brought my heart to surrender

you became the reason to live.

Gift of friendship- being together for ever


Tagging along her side

walking and teasing her all along

completely mad about being the silliest

yet being your friend made me love my life

you were the best i could ever have

you are the best one in my life

even though we don’t meet much

you are the first one I would ring up

in the midnight to let you know what i feel

even when you are busy , my one pause

causes you a heartbreak

sitting beside me holding my hand

you let me cry , yet you hold my tears

your words boost me up

you are the best friend I ever had

time flies

growing older and wiser

still am the same, the insane friend of yours.


Dedicated to my best friends who stood by my side ,even at the craziest moments.

First love- an everlasting impression


giggling , smiles and laughters filled the backyard

the two were immersed in playing games

she ran after him playing catch

they played all the while

when they started hide and seek

every second he was vanished from her sight

she worried

the sight of him brought butterflies in her bellies

she smiled all along

her cuteness overloaded and he was drawn to her

they sat hand in hand dipping their legs in the pool

creating ripples in the water

childhood was amazingĀ 

she never knew it would be her first love

he never realised it would be his first love too

the love birds had to fly away

as she was taken far away from him

separated miles away time took away their childhood from them

snatching all the fun leaving bits of memories in their bruised heart.