walking in the rain ….


drenched in rain

she walked on the path

trees shivering in the rain

showering the drops on to her

every drop falls on her like the kiss of rain

she walked dripping like a cloud

smile beautifying her face

she walked into her home

her barefoot leaving footprints on the floor

giggling all the way to her room

where she was wrapped in love with the warmth of the towel

in her moms hands .

On the verge of death….



My vision was blurred

all I could feel was the crunching of my heart

the tears rolling down my cheeks

the pain that was breaking me all over

the coldness of water running around me from the open tap

the floor filled with my blood

blood oozing from my hands

as I was drifting into the painful sleep

all I could see was the face of my loveable parents

I realised how foolish I was to sacrifice my life

in split seconds, I rose up and dialled emergency number

and yes my life was saved

As I gulped the air , the life regained from death

I survived to feel the love my parens showered on me

my foolish heart knew what was right for me

and let me choose the best for me in the end

Just to let me know how much I was loved

death gave me a reason to live

rather than run away from life.



Under the moon on the lake


The midnight moon glowing like a diamond

the star studded sky shining bright

showing me the path to the other side

when the world is all in one color

the darkness becoming the world

where the sky, the leaves, the sand and the water look the same

i walked to the lake where the reflection of the moon and the stars lit up the water

the stars looked like small shining bits of pearls in the water

I briskly stepped into the lake causing ripples in it

with me the water became shaken and the pearls shattered

slowly dipping myself in to the cold lakeĀ 

i was cherishing the beauty of the night

the coldness of the lake was tickling meĀ 

I felt like the water was caressing my skin

feeling me all over like the caressing of the hands.

I took a deep breath and let myself plunge into the lake.