soaked in rain


Like a gentle drop

patting on the rooftop

drop by drop

sliding down the window pane

smoothly curving its way through the glass

your hands moved over me

like the cold craving for the warmth

I held your finger tips

I let you swallow me 

like the horizon swallowing the sun

the whole me soaked in you

i arose like  a crystal soaked in the rain

shining like a diamond brushed with fire.

Burning with the deepest desire


There I sat on the edge

crunching my heart with the deepest desires

the world out there beautifully awaiting me

I wished for the elixir of life

to live the life i wanted

to live to the fullest

beautifying my scars

suck the pain away from me

like a bird out of the egg

i wanted to break out

walkout from the prison

to be around you is my deepest desire

the desire to live like the flame on the ice

complimenting each other in every turn of life

nudging each other , as one turns away to a wrong turn.


as my eyelids shadowed my vision


Slowly and very slowly

my eyes looked at you

your smiling face

the special moments

your eyes looking at me with all love

slowly the vision shadowed

as  my eyelids were overshadowing my vision

letting me slip into the deep sleep

wished I could be the sleeping beauty

awakened with your kiss

to be awakened with the true love

yet life is bitter at time

it lets you taste all the bitter ones

before you relish the taste of better wine

yet as slid myself into the deep sleep

i could feel the warmth of your body

all over me, cuddling me

snuggling in your arms in these winter morning

nothing would be tickling than your breath on my naked skin.