We are the pieces of the same soul



Me and U were like the pieces of a puzzle

it was hard for us to unite

yet ours souls united

we danced like never before

skimming though the unreal world in our imagination

your kiss could melt me away

we were pulled together by the universe

to fit into each other

the moment my eyes met yours

there was something that sparked in our souls

our union brought in energies of  tons of lives together

nothing could be more attractive than you

you could make me walk on toes

you won over my soul

filling every vault of my heart with just you

ever since you woke me up with a whisper

my soul is left to dancing with the waves.

Savour my freedom




battling emotions

nothing binding me

yet the feeling of being battled

thrashed with utmost reality

my heart struggling to accept

feeling powerless

trembling hands

the struggle to be just the way I am

i strengthened my arms to break away the chains

the unreal me overshadowing me

the wings of my soul fluttered

unable to tackle the truth

enslaved by emotions and trauma

i let my freedom walk away

it was time to be fee-spirited

I regained my cantor

luxuriating in the arms of freedom.

Hazy Summers awaiting you


Let the sun shine upon me

let the breeze stroke me

let me bask in the sunshine

sipping up the flavour of my fruit

expose my every inch to the sun

feeling the warmth frisk on me

feel the hot winds endearment

relishing all that is bright and colorful

the freshness of green and blue

turquoise and brown

leisurely rolling my tongue over my ice cream

at time looking at it while it melts and crawl on to my skin

doing nothing but lazily roaming around in the luscious greenery.