Silver rain



as we were out in the dark

the night was enthralling with the cool winds

shops decked up with elegant decorations for xmas

As we spoke

it started

the silver rain

slowly threading a line of silver beads in the night

in between us

the wind was playing with the silver beads

making it flow up and down

i stretched my hands

to catch one of them

it showered over me a thousands beads

i loved the silver rain that was making a snow garden around me

you held my hand , as I was jumping up and down like a kid in the silver rain

the joy of playing with snow made me feel like a kid again


soak in the sea



I walked to the beach side

as if the waves were calling me

the wind was pulling me in

the soft breeze was tantalising

the moonlit night made the sand glistening

the white sand was all over my feet

i walked printing my feet all along

the whole world was sinking into deep sleep

as i walked  the star lit sky and the moon witnessed

i stood there watching the moon take a dip into the blue ocean

I felt like soaking in the moonlight as it went deep into the ocean

painting everything around in bluish black

you held my hands as the sea was swallowing me

and pulled me to your side

and I slowly lay in your arms.




cooking with love


aroma filled everywhere

incense of the love cooked

special ones ready for her loved ones


there she was fiddling with paddles and spoons

splashing and splashing all over

the messy as it looks

but filling her dishes with her love

singing and dancing as she moves around

they stood watching her

as she stood there overwhelmed

at the dish she made  for them

she smiled and giggled in excitement

her joy was augmenting

even among the messy kitchen

she stood with the dish in her hands

the dish that invited their appetite

they ran to her , hugged her and tasted the best bite of it.



Walk with me to the altar



He waited near the altar

his heart beating profusely

his face looking towards the altar

but his eyes vehemently searching on the path that led to the altar

the foot steps of the one he waited

was approaching

he turned around with a smile

there she was walking down the aisle

in all white

her smile was infectious

her eyes filled with love

all he wanted was to be hers

memories of their meetings flooded his mind

her smile brought ripples in his mind

he extended his hand to hold her hand

she smiled …

all his love was pounding in heart

he held her hands tightly

waiting for the moment to be kissed and united

witnessed by the crowd , they tied the knot .