close your eyes…


Close your eyes

and you will find

what my life is without you

be the light in my darkness

washing away the melancholy in my life

be the dream I can see a millionth time

close your eyes and you see me

even the fantasy cannot beat the truth

as I have conquered your heart

in the slightest second, you presume am gone

you will find me beside you

holding you close like never before

kissing away the pain I bequeath you.



Chase me and Blend in


Chase me

I want to be your dream

the one that you crave for


the wings to your desires

I want to be the harmony that clears the pandemonium in you

the tranquility you would love to cherish

the rain to the dry land

I want you to begin and end on me

be the companion in your loneliness

to treasure your heart like a pearl in the shell

be the hand to pull you up

and the arms to shelter you

come chase me and blend in.




As I drowned


As I closed  my eyes

I filled myself with darkness

the darkness that hid my feelings

I locked them up in my world

the world unseen

I dare not open my eyes

scared with the thought

to let know the world outside of what I felt

yet my darkness could betray anyone

even if the eyes were shut

my eyes bled

trying to push me to my limits

hard it was, yet I held myself clung to the truth

the truth about me

hiding away the real me

soaking myself in the black ocean

letting me drown all by myself into the deepest portion

I could feel the coldness in the depth

the coldness that could freeze me to death.